Glass Splashbacks in Leatherhead and Surrey

Leatherhead Glass is a major supplier of glass splashbacks in Leatherhead, Esher, Dorking and the surrounding Surrey area. Available in a wide and diverse range of colours, we are able to deliver quality products at affordable prices for any application you may require. All of our glass splashbacks are particularly styled for kitchen and bathroom use.

Our glass splashbacks, which are cut to size at our own facilities in Leatherhead, add a distinctive shine that reflects light to create amazing hues within your room space.

Unlike tiles that have low reflective qualities, glass splashbacks make a perfect option for kitchen and bathroom spaces with small windows or in areas where light quality is low. They also add their own lustre on dull, rainy or wintry days.

Because our glass splashbacks come in a wide range of style and colours, we’ll always have something available that integrates perfectly with the existing décor of your Leatherhead, Dorking or Esher home. Our splashbacks are also easy to clean and never gather mould or grime, unlike tiles where grouting tends to deteriorate over a period of months and years.

To ensure our customer base can choose the perfect glass splashbacks for their home or business properties, Leatherhead Glass cut all products to size by working to your own specifications.

This ensures a perfect fit and minimises the amount of installation time required whilst eliminating the need for additional cutting. Leatherhead Glass welcome enquiries from clients across all part of Surrey including the neighbouring towns of Dorking and Esher.