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As the Reigate area’s expert in all things glass, our glaziers know a lot about the stuff. We thought we’d compile some of the more interesting facts we know about glass for the benefit of particularly curious current and prospective clients around Reigate.

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Glorious Glass, a Fact File…

Liquid Myths – Many people still think that glass is a liquid which is cooled but never fully crystallises. Often they point to church windows around Reigate as an example, as many are thicker toward the bottom of the pane, suggesting they have been affected by gravity, albeit over a significant number of years.

This isn’t true however, and in fact glass is an “amorphous solid”. The reason old church windows are thicker toward the bottom is glaziers in medieval times weren’t always able to create uniform sheets of glass. Glass suppliers have come a long way over the years!

Humble Beginnings – Glass items first appeared in ancient Egypt, over 3000 years ago. But they were crude, and it took the Romans to refine the process to allow the creation of transparent glass, which they used to admire the colour of their wine. Our glass merchants in Reigate often do the same!

Glass Suppliers Extraordinaire – The world’s largest glass suppliers are found in China, which products 34% of the world’s glass. However, for the 500 years up to the start of the 19th century, very little glass was made in China. Instead, the nation made a lot of porcelain due to its peoples’ love of tea, and general indifference toward wine.

Making the World a Better Place – Did you know that glaziers had a hand in banishing the plague? As it became more widely available and affordable, ordinary people were able to afford to buy windowpanes from glass merchants.

This didn’t just protect them from the weather outside, but flooded their homes with light – allowing them to better see vermin and dirt. This contributed to the elimination of plague in most of Europe.

Now you know a little more about glass and its history around the world, why not call our glass merchants and glaziers near Reigate?

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