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High Quality, Affordable Glass Splashbacks in Leatherhead

One of our glass merchants’ most popular types of product are our glass splashbacks. There sit in certain areas, like behind ovens, to prevent walls becoming stained or marked by food or liquids. One common offender is pasta sauce, which can often spit when heated up. On this page our glaziers have run through a few reasons why prospective customers in the Leatherhead area may wish to invest in glass splashbacks.

We also sell and install glass shelves, glass units and windowpanes. Many of our products are available in an acid etched glass finish, which has a frosted appearance and is translucent. This enables it to diffuse transmitted light, thereby reducing glare. If you’d like more information on any of our products, visit our shop in Leatherhead or give us a call 0141 554 0011.

Why Use Glass Splashbacks?

1. They’re Easy to Clean – Even the most skilled and experienced cooks can make a real mess when preparing a meal. Having glass splashbacks allows you to quickly and easily clean any mess in no time at all. Just wipe off the stain with a damp cloth.

2. They Can Stand Heat and Moisture – Glass splashbacks require little to no attention once they’re installed. Like glass shelves and glass units, they can easily deal with heat and moisture, making them a very cost effective kitchen solution.

3. Installation is Hassle-Free – Our glass suppliers in Leatherhead can quickly and efficiently install your glass splashback, meaning there’s minimal disruption to your daily routine. Or, if you’d rather do it yourself, then it’s not a difficult procedure and can be handled by anyone with even limited experience with D.I.Y jobs.

4. They Look Fantastic – Available in multiple colours, for example translucent acid etched glass splashbacks, our Leatherhead customers are often surprised at how great glass splashbacks look. They can really compliment the look of a kitchen, and aren’t just a convenient and useful fixture.

5. They’re Inexpensive – Many prospective customers call our glass merchants enquiring about the expense, concerned that glass, due to its quality and many attractive characteristics, is an expensive option when compared with plastic splashbacks. Not so! In fact, they’re a distinctly affordable and long lasting solution.

Our glass suppliers don’t just sell and install glass splashbacks, however. Our glaziers also cut and install quality glass windowpanes, glass units and glass shelves in a variety of styles. One of our specialities is acid etched glass.

So give us a call on 01372 377 128. Or if you’re in Leatherhead, why not pay us a visit? We cut to size and install fantastic glass units, glass shelves and glass splashbacks.

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