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Commercial Glass Suppliers in Chessington

As glass suppliers to commercial companies in Chessington and nearby areas, we are able to help modernise offices in the areas with our glass partitions, splashbacks and shelving. The benefits of using experienced glass merchants and glaziers for a rejuvenation of your building is explained below.

Style and relevant space is something we believe all offices should have. If you welcome visitors to your premises, a rundown or tatty office can reflect badly on your business. Would you invest in a company that’s suffering from neglect? By providing a few simple changes, we can help make your office in Chessington a much more attractive place to visit. This also helps your staff become more productive as well.

Glass partitions are an ideal way of doing both. Floor to ceiling installations will not only maximise the natural light coming through your Chessington windows but will also provide an effective sound barrier, to cut out any unnecessary noise. As experienced glass merchants, we know only too well the benefits of sunlight reaching through the window onto a workforce. It can give a much needed boost when during a hard day’s graft.

Glass splashbacks and shelving are another installation that helps to modernise your premises. It provides offices with a touch of class and again, for a small outlay, you can help turn an ordinary run of the mill kitchen into a stylish and attractive extension of your Chessington workspace.

Strategically placed glass mirrors will lighten up your Chessington offices. The fitted glass made by our glaziers will brighten up the darkest and smallest of rooms as the mirror bounces the light around. This will make your office seem much bigger than it actually is. Glass balustrades on staircases and balconies have the same reflective powers.

Local Installation Services

Our glaziers are able to provide a range of coloured, patterned or clear glass for each partition, balustrades, mirrors and splashbacks you require. These can be made for local Chessington contractors or our team of expert installers can fit them for you. All installations come with the quality you’d come to expect from leading glass merchants. Modernising office spaces in Chessington and the surrounding areas have never come easier. And all at unbeatable prices!

Call Leamington Glass now on 01372 377128 and we can go through the different glass options available. We’re one of the leading glass suppliers covering Chessington today!

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